The Warm Power Pop Of Rocket And The Ghost
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    My morning got off to something of a miserable start. I got caught in one of New York City's infamous five minute showers...except instead of being a five minute shower, it was more of a five minute torrential downpour. And as I arrived to work drenched and looking about as downbeaten as a wet dog, I was concerned that I was so thoroughly soaked and cold...and agitated that I wouldn't be able to drum up any excitement for new music at least until I had a chance to dry off. And while my pants still feel like I got involuntarily tossed into the East River, the infectious power pop of Rocket & the Ghost -- and their track "Come In From The Outside" which we're premiering -- is brightening my mood and taking my mind off my inevitable death from pneumonia.

    With a hint of the Clash's "Hitsville U.K"'s organ, thumping guitar riffs that bring to mind Imperial Teen and 90s power alt-pop, and vocals with more edge than modern indie pop peers, Rocket & the Ghost taps into both old and new sounds The sheer energy of it all is warm and inviting, and here's hoping that Rocket & the Ghost have more propulsive tunes like this in their wheelhouse.

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