new music: skybombers
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    On Tuesday night, I attended a Rooney show and found myself lucky enough to experience one of those rare moments of being struck by complete infatuation with an opening band. Skybombers, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, are about as enticing as one would imagine indie rockers with accents can be. Ultimately, however, the group is carried by their effortlessly alluring talent. Lead vocalist Hugh Gurnie has perfected a croon as hoarsely seductive as John Lennon's hintingly sexualized proclamations during "Twist and Shout". The music adds a subtle pop blend to their indie rock that can safely deem each track catchy, but focuses on a veering guitar and various quirks (such as a propensity for cowbell) to round up the band's overall sound.

    During their live set before Rooney's April 19th Manhattan show, the band revealed themselves to have begun as a barbershop quartet in high school, then proceeded to prove this announcement by serenading the audience with a rock-accompanied harmony. Other high school experiences included their first band attempt, Collusion, which eventually blossomed into the makings of Skybombers. As they brought their sound to the United States, the group received successful radio play of their song "It Goes Off", followed by their first full album, Take Me To Town, released in 2008. This eventually led to their expansion into a five member band, now made up of lead vocalist Hugh Gurney, guitarist Sam Bethune, bassist Will Brown, Scott McMurtrie on drums, and Luke Carlson on the keys.

    Today, their fan base has grown in large part to the enthusiastic reception they experience on tour, something I witnessed and fell victim to first hand this week. Their stage presence is difficult to deny, drawing an electric charm that seduces audiences by providing a subtle edge to the shamelessly infectious hooks driving most songs.

    Their newest release, sophomore full length Black Carousel, is available now after dropping last month on 429 Records after being compiled in Los Angeles with Rick Parker. Also be sure to check out their video for "Lies" below to get your first glimpse of Skybombers, which will most likely not be your last.

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