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    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21, 2010

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    It is my new personal mission to make "tubing" a slang word for surfing the oddities of Youtube. We start today, campers, in a new segment based soley on the wild world of user generated content. Today we take our first Tubing lesson with five quick, quirky covers of notable tunes, from notable artists, performed by everyone from amateurs with tiny instruments, to pseudo-pros with pro-tools, to marching bands. Five fun/goofy cover videos: after the jump!

    Nyle, "Let The Beat Build" (Lil' Wayne Cover)

    We start with a personal favorite from 2009, which made the rounds many a time and landed on some best-of lists. Though technically a little more than a cover (the lyrics are rewritten), the song is undeniable Wayne, and the video is undeniable awesome.

    The Pride Of Arizona Do A Radiohead Show

    When they form the "OK", I was like, OK. Sold. The magic starts at 1:32. There are a lot of different versions of this, and parts, but this one has the best sound (I think). Feel free to explore.

    Brett Domino does a Justin Timberlake Medley

    Only using small, portable instruments, including an iPhone drum pad and a Ukelele. Give this one a minute, because it continually gets better, despite Domino's goofy slapstick singing. The layers!

    The Axis Of Awesome Teach an important lesson about pop music.

    The only thing better than a comedy group is a singing comedy group that debunks the myth of pop music. This literally goes on forever, and although I don't get all of it (they are Australian), I get all of it, and it's great.


    Pomplamoose do "Telephone" (Lady Gaga)

    I saved this one for last because I genuinely love it. These guys are pro, and they have a ton of stuff out there. I like this better than the original, no fake.

    Next Tubing: cute animals play instruments! Maybe! -joe

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