Now Playing:  Crystal Fighters Spin The Globe In Festive New NEXT Sesh
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    We first got to know the festive, globe-trekking outfit, Crystal Fighters a few years back, when the band visited us at an absurd prop house in Williamsburg Brooklyn for a colorful session of songs from their last album, Cave Rave. It was an absolutely joyous experience and an inspiring set of songs from a band we were absolutely thrilled to have the chance to work with.

    Sadly, tragedy would strike the band in 2014 when their brilliant and charismatic drummer, Andrea Marongiu, would pass away unexpectedly due to heart failure. A lot of bands would have crumbled then and there, choosing not to go on, and in fact, Sebastian, Gilbert, and Graham discussed calling it quits. But they decided to honor Marongiu's memory instead, sticking together and releasing a brilliant new album, Everything Is My Family last year.

    In town for a round of shows in Brooklyn, the trio (plus a percussionist and additional vocalist) came by the Baeble space, giving our crew three cuts from the new album to chew on in the process. Stripped of some of the production flourishes that power their typical live show, this acoustic session, though lighter than their live experience, still retains all of the positive and easygoing vibes Crystal Fighters are rightly known for.

    The band also told us about the delicate balance they strike to make. Combining sonic elements from a variety of different cultures, the band know they open themselves up to critique of appropriation. But they're also hyper aware of where their influences come from...they have lived with and visited (and recorded) many of the indigenous people that have inspired them. "I think it's so important to make people aware of these traditions and these sounds and these styles," Sebastian told us. "We give as much respect as we can and try not to offend anyone as we do."

    Indeed they do. Spin the globe yourself in our newest NEXT session from Crystal Fighters.

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