4/20 PLAYLIST: Songs About Getting Stoned and Songs to Get Stoned To
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Well somebody grab the bong, pull up some Carl Sagan videos on YouTube, and get Jeff Sessions to his safety bunker, 'cause it's 4/20! As many of you know, April 20th is the unofficial holiday dedicated to all the mellow, Birkenstock-loving art and humanities majors out there who take part in, shall we say, "illicit" activities involving a certain green herb. While we here at Baeble don't necessarily condone such behavior, we're also a music platform, and music has gone hand-in-hand with the magic lettuce since the days of minstrels (how else could they have been that happy while surrounded by war and plague?). Sorry, upstanding concerned mothers of Middle America, but let's just say "Got to Get You Into My Life" by the Beatles isn't about a girl.

    In honor of those blazing towards the ends of the universe from the comfort of their basement apartments, here is a two-part playlist that's perfect for the whole ride. The first is a quick four songs directly referencing getting stoned, from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley, which is meant to get you in the mood while you light up. The second playlist is a nearly 3-hour epic of 20 songs that are guaranteed to blow your dopamine-crazed mind. We've got some trippy music, ambient music, soulful music, and of course the obligatory Grateful Dead song right in the middle. In other words, this thing's packed with enough twists and turns to keep the mood and existential musings going all night long.

    In the words of 2016 Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan, "Everyone must get stoned!" Happy toking, everybody. Please blaze responsibly.

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