Baeble First Play: The Spacey Punk Pop Of The Y Axes
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Photo Credit: Dave McMahon

    Last year, we got to chat with Kevin Devine, and in our conversation, he created a distinction between pop-punk and the music he was trying to make on his last record, punk-pop. It's one of those "I know it when I hear it" sort of things, and on their track "Patch Me Up," San Francisco alt-pop outfit The Y Axes strike a perfect balance between spacey pop and an unexpected, angular punk intensity.

    We've got the exclusive premiere of "Patch Me Up," and it's one of those tracks that defies easy characterization. Alexi Belchere's voice has an ethereal, soft quality that contrasts with the propulsive, chord-driven guitars. Instrumentally, the track wouldn't be out of a place on a Thermals record (and the Y Axes have a gig opening for the Thermals coming up soon) but the vocals are post-pop Bjork-esque beauty. If you're looking for an instantly catchy track that you have to wrap your brain around, the Y Axes have you covered.

    And here's a quote from frontwoman Alexi Belchere about the track: "In true The Y Axes style, 'Patch Me Up' is a bittersweet anthem for the anxious disguised as upbeat pop rock. The lyrics describe negative thoughts as if they are seeds sprouting and growing, with roots that can not only blind you from the positive things, but can carve permanent scars in the consciousness. A song about people supporting each other even as their own lives fall apart, the chorus lyrics 'You bring me back again when I'm lost in my head. When it gets bad again, you patch me up when I'm broken,' are a joyful battle cry against the internal struggles that can capture the mind."

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