that's a wrap: the go! team
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    They would end up a mess of limbs and instruments, an awkward pile up on stage shortly before 1:30AM, with a delirious and (most likely) inebriated gathering of fans rooting them on every step of the way. It was an enthralling that, in the wake of a rather unruly performance this past Saturday evening at Brooklyn Bowl, apparently got the best of The Go! Team. Leading lady Ninja would end up in the hospital, the victim of an inadvertent body slam from one of her band mates. It was violent, it was scary, it was definitely surreal...oh, and she would be OK!

    But the event is also proof that The Go! Team remain one of the most interesting touring outfits out there; one that give their absolute all for the music they create. Hammering out a cacophonous glob of elements on guitars, drums, keys, banjos, melodicas, steel drums, and even a type writer, the band pair a thrilling, genre defying makeup with over the top, onstage acrobatics. Bodies fly about the stage, Ninja basically has herself a one hour aerobic workout, band members jump, change instruments, etc. And through it all, The Go! Team maintain an obvious and authentic crush on the crowd. It's a late night recipe for a good time, and it's why we knew we had to have our crew in the building when they came through our borough this past weekend.

    If this really is the band's final go-around (band leader Ian Parton has hinted at a divorce after their current tour), well then new songs like "T.O.R.N.A.D.O." and "Buy Nothing Day", along with classics like "Junior Kickstart" and "The Power Is On" will be missed. But we're feeling pretty damn blessed to have been invited to capture the performance. There, in front of our cameras, the band lit a fuse that burned all night long...though I'm guessing no one expected the culminating bomb to go off like it did. Still, it gives you an idea of the sacrifices The Go! Team are willing to make for their music...'cause it's all about the music. In a few short weeks you'll know why.

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