introducing: thousands
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 2011

    • Posted by: Martika Finch

    After a successful run at this year's SXSW, Seattle's Thousands are gearing up to release their debut album through Bella Union. The duo's intimate folk is literally saturated with sounds of nature. Thousands' Luke and Kristian are used to performing without microphones to create a harmonious balance of natural reverb with their guitars and voices, so they chose to record their debut album The Sound of Everything outdoors, in a variety of settings.

    After many failed home-recording endeavors, they visited a cemetery in Roslyn, WA, using only a handheld digital recorder and their instruments to lay down tracks. It was there they discovered their passion — pleased by the sound of the wind and the the use of a single microphone, they felt the final push towards recording the entire album outdoors.

    Luke suggested an abandoned barn and silo in Thorp, WA to record more. Spending an entire day in the barn, they left with "We Don't Tell," which made the final cut of the record. A second visit to the abandoned farm and silo also proved successful and the duo left with five more tracks for The Sound of Everything. Thousands recorded each song on one take and wanted them to be filled with the subtle reminders of real life around us — dogs barking, birds chirping, leaves rustling, etc. With no post-production on the tracks, the band sought to have each song actually come to life as if they were performing right in front of you. This is how we were used to hearing ourselves, says Kristian, and we could project a decent balance of instruments and voice.

    The Sound of Everything is in stores April 25.

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