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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010

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    The process that goes into our latest concert video is much so, one might easily confuse Martin Dosh's drumsticks for a pair of magic wands. After all, the extraordinarily gifted multi-instrumentalist from the Twin Cities is no less than a wizard when it comes to sourcing the confetti like, loop based material that is the body of his solo material.

    I say solo because I'm guessing many of you know Dosh as the percussive wunderkind responsible for propelling many of Andrew Bird's mighty rhythms. Thanks to that high profile gig, Dosh has helped make a name for him self, and turned many on to five albums worth of solo material in the process.

    Playing our SXSW Party in support of his latest record Tommy, Dosh, along side his confidant Mike Lewis (another member of Bird's entourage) turn The Scoot's indoor stage into a systematic laboratory of musical expression and experimentation. Sounds a bit dangerous, I know. Rest assured, Dosh and Lewis have tested the chemicals that fuel their music. If something boils over, it's because it's supposed to.

    What follows is nothing short of phenomenal to witness, as both musicians employ samplers, keys, drums, looping pedals and other bits of musical gadgetry to build blissful concoctions bit by bit, layer by layer. Here, elements of jazz, hip hop, avant-garde, and rock (among others) flirt with one another, reacting and exploding over the course of performances of "From the House of Caesar", "I Think I'm Getting Married", "Call the Kettle", and "Gare de Lyon".

    Wizard? Scientist? Musician? I'm not entirely what to think of Dosh. Irregardless, our latest concert video from our day party down in Austin is absolute magic. - David Pitz

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    Dosh: Live at the Scoot Inn - SXSW - Austin, TX

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