Let From Indian Lakes Sweep You Away
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Jason Greenspan

    Thoughtful, complex, and a unique amalgam of musical genres, From Indian Lakes' music is easy to fall in love with. They've been on the circuit for quite some time now and haven't exactly "exploded," but that's certainly not a reflection of their potential. Spearheaded by writer and multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi, whose shimmering compositions reflect the vast beauty of the Yosemite mountain community that he started in, FIL bring a razor sharp edge to the sometimes dull indie rock scene.

    As the sixth track on their first album, "The Man With Wooden Legs," suggests, Vannucchi's music is indeed "Full Of Wonder." Contemplative, evocative, and tonally bright guitar lines lay the foundation for the gorgeous, emotional vocals. These songs beg to be played on a cliff overlooking an epic valley as a storm rumbles somewhere off in the distance. This is FIL's post rock element, and it's the most obvious aspect of their sound, but it also comes with a hint of the emo movement popularized in the early 2000's by bands like Northstar and Hawthorne Heights.

    From Indan Lakes' latest release, 2014's Absent Sounds (above), is the most polished of their offerings, beefing up the ambience and utilizing a wider array of vocal and instrumental effects. It's experimental indie rock in that it takes traditional song structure/instrumentation and re-calibrates it into something that sounds new and fresh. And more than anything, this album is energetic and driving. Tracks like "Breathe, Desperately" and "Am I Alive" blast you into the jet stream and carry you swiftly through clear skies.

    Check out From Indian Lakes' upcoming tour dates and watch the video for "Awful Things" below, and pick up a copy of Absent Sounds here.

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