The Veils Unveil Visionary Song
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 02, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    Last month, we posted The Veils' exquisite session at Abbey Road, which was nothing short of chilling. In preparation for their fourth album, Time Stays, We Go, the visionary indie rockers released a track called "Dancing with the Tornado" earlier today.

    The song begins with a swampy, guitar-driven rush alongside Barry Andrews' emotional rasp. "She digs the rhythm, she digs the feel of all that debris flying around/ Spinning in her nightmare slumber 'til she falls back down to the ground." The track feels like an epic race that you eagerly stretch to remain alongside.

    We can't decide what's better, the quieter moments narrowing down on Andrews' fiery vocals or the explosions that immediately follow in the form of theatrical sounding symbols, crashing in a frenzy of indie rock heaven. Either way, our anticipation remains on a beaming trail upwards for Time Stays, We Go.

    Time Stays, We Go is due out on April 23rd via Pitch Beast Records.

    And if you haven't checked out the Abbey Road session yet, we highly recommend you do!

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