Stream: Childish Gambino
    • MONDAY, APRIL 02, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Last year, Childish Gambino, aka Community's Donald Glover, released his debut album Camp, which (despite the harsh reception at Pitchfork) proved to resonate with a lot of people with its endless throw-away pop culture references, introspection, and slick production. Back in January, Childish Gambino announced a new mixtape, and we've got a new track from Gambino that means maybe the mixtape is finally going to get a release date.

    "Eat Your Vegetables" is everything we've come to expect from Gambino. Video game references (Super Mario Bros. that doubles as a drug joke... so check), semi-abrasive sexual humor (what's good for the goose is good for the gander in oral sex humor for Glover... check), Kanye West-style productions (it might be fair to think Yeezy is one of the only rappers Glover listens to... check). We loved Camp and this is more of what we loved last time around. We're ready to return to Glover's world, and the new Childish Gambino mixtape can't get here soon enough.

    [via Rapdose]

    Check out our exclusive footage we scored with Glover during a rousing set at Rockwood Music Hall.

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