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    • FRIDAY, APRIL 02, 2010

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    For those of you who don't live in New York, you are lucky, because boy did it rain a lot! I walk to work, and on Tuesday I really thought that death was a shinier, more desirable option than the head-ache inducing torrential downpour on my head or the bagel in my bag. Really, it's got to be pretty bad if you pick death over bagels! But seriously, it sucked. But hey, good news!

    Luckily this weekend is going to be nice, so here are some nice happy tunes to enjoy with that weekend! They go together like bagels and cream cheese. Man, lots of happy thoughts going on right here!

    This week we say goodbye to our intern, Ryan Broderick. Goodbye Ryan! We will miss your contributions, especially to the always eclectic Mixtape! Good luck out there, it's a big world full of McDonalds and tax evasion. Plan accordingly.

    See you kids later. -joe

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    1. "Dream About The Future" - The Apples In Stereo - Travelers In Space And Time
    The first track off the forthcoming bazillionth record from cyborg rockers Apples In Stereo will probably have support from Colbert, but his sarcastic bumps are lost on me... this is pure personal bliss for its catchy hooks and black-hole harmonies. No Colbert Nation tells my ears what to do (huh?). Sixties pop... from Mars! Just kidding, these guys are Elephant Six in America. Robert Schneider was born in South Africa though.

    2. "Forced To Love" - Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
    Sure Kevin Drew told us the internet is ruining music, but this song came from his free BSS widget promoting his new record on the internet, so what? On the plus side, this song rules face, and reminds us why sixteen guitars never works on stage, but always works on BSS records.

    3. "Odessa" - Caribou - Swim
    It makes absolutely no difference to me to know that Odessa is a place in Texas (thanks Heroes), that "Caribou" means reindeer, but used to be known as "Manitoba", which is a Canadian province, or swimming, or whatever. All I know is that Swim is full of cool-kid dance floor crack, and this track is all the evidence you need to nod your head.

    4. "Fantasy Memorial" - Dinosaur Feathers - Fantasy Memorial
    My favorite pocket band of the moment, these guys are buzzing like a SXSW sweaty warehouse full of silenced iPhone toting hipsters getting tweets from their friends. In other (simpler) words, greatness. Love the harmonies, the beats, and the juicy background noises, things that really define/differentiate their sound.

    5. "Where'd All The Time Go?" - Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame
    If D. Feathers are the younglings, Dr. Dog are the elders of juicy harmonic glee (with an old-timey twinge). You just want to make a commemorative coin out of them (huh?)! This Philly group is as standard as a cheesesteak, and just as tasty when they hit their stride. My first listen of Shame, Shame yielded this as one of my favorite tracks, but that, like the weather, is bound to change in a few hours. Musical warming, or whatever.

    6. "Office Musik (Clockwork Edit)"
    This was floating around the internet the other week, so I have to include it eventually. If you are like me, you love The Office, and you love Lil' Wayne, so this track is BOSS (gangstas say that, right?). This goes out to seasons 1-3 (RIP), and maybe 4, and also to Weezy, who finally met his match with the New York penal system (giggles). DRINKING GAME: drink every time Wayne mentions anything related to guns.

    7. "I Can Talk" - Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History
    Last track from J this week, my latest obsession, new power-pop from TDCC. If you are like me, you like clubs (like Tokyo Police Club, and club sandwiches), so this fits well into my vocabulary! Oh, and it's catchy as hell.

    8. "Journeyman" - The Lovetones - Dimensions
    I have no idea where this song came from. I-Tunes was doing it's thing earlier this week, just sort of shuffling along, when this little wonder cropped up. It reminisces a bit of the Dandy Warhols' more melodic turns of work, and a little background check reveals some Brian Jonestown connections as well. Word is singer Matthew J. Tow had a brief stint with that band back in '03 (god knows how that ended). "Journeyman", however, comes from the Australian band's '09 release Dimensions.

    9. "Number 41" - Dosh - Tommy
    Two short weeks ago Martin Dosh and Mike Lewis impressed all who managed to squeeze inside the Scoot Inn with their set at our SXSW day party. It was a jaw dropping performance; the kind where no one could seem to get close enough to the awe-inspiring action happening on stage. "Number 41" is the first song to surface from Dosh's soon to be released album Tommy, and features vocal contributions from frequent collaborator Andrew Bird.

    10. "Early Warnings" - Love Is All - Two Thousand And Ten Injuries
    In honor of the fact that we decided to throw Josephine Olausson and her merry gang of Swedish, pop aficionados on our roof yesterday (check out the pics), we give you "Early Warnings"; the clumsy, everything is absolutely going wrong, "title track" (our word) from their recently released, third album TTwo Thousand And Ten Injuries. We'll have that session for you in the next week or so. Until then, chew on this piece of gooey nougat.

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