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    • FRIDAY, APRIL 02, 2010

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    Usually this kind of stuff freaks me out. But nevermind that the actual terminology for sisters CocoRosie is "freak-folk", or that the first lines of "Lemonade" are about my birthday (TMI?), these talented globetrotters have done it again and made a jaw-droopingly beautiful piece of odd-art that I can't help but love. Sierra and Bianca started making music in Paris in 2003 which is about as "lost generation" as it gets, and over the years have developed a rabid fan-base for their lo-fi music. Let's hope this next album has a cover that doesn't feature Unicorn intercourse and/or vomiting rainbows.

    The name, at least, would suggest otherwise. Grey Oceans, their debut on the always reliable Sub Pop label is due 5/11. This is their fourth album, and will probably be the most diverse. Beyond New Mexico (their current temporary residence) they recorded in Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Berlin, New York, and Paris, enlisting the aid of session musicians everywhere along the way. Check out the first single, "Lemonade", which floats like an ice cream in a desert dream (their words). -joe puglisi

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    MP3:"Lemonade" - Grey Oceans
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