NOW PLAYING: Kimbra's Wickedly Inventive Session
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "I get more nervous with things like this, when I'm playing to just a few people and it's cameras and interviewers," genre-bending artist Kimbra admitted to me when we sat down for a chat. She stopped by for a Baeble session earlier this year and what it resulted in was - dare I say it - one of our most moody sessions yet. Blue lights, Kimbra's reverb-drenched effects, and her witchy presence all come together for one spine-tingling show. She started with a stripped rendition of "Version Of Me," a new song off her forthcoming album Primal Heart. After that she went into the album's lead single "Everybody Knows," confidently showing off her production skills and adding in little flourishes but ultimately letting her dynamic voice take the spotlight.

    It's clear that there are sounds that are only to be heard in Kimbra's mind. As she performs, her brain is constantly working and fixating on every little detail. She added new melodies to songs we originally loved and made them even more interesting. Her performances of "Human" and "Past Love" really proved this. "Human" saw wild vocal experimentations and chord changes, while "Past Love" inspired Kimbra to grab the guitar - and what followed was pure magic.

    "Getting up in front of a crowd and performing for people that have come to see the work - I don't get nervous for that. That just feels like where I'm most free," Kimbra continued at the beginning of our conversation. It makes sense, after all, you can't really pin Kimbra's work to one thing. She's a true genre-bending artist at heart, and it deserves a certain appreciation. I can vouch for everyone who stood in the room during this session, because it was unlike anything else. See it for yourself and make sure to get Primal Heart this Friday, April 20th.

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