Watch Kendrick Lamar Go Head To Head With Don Cheadle in Video For 'DNA.'
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Last week, Kendrick Lamar released his new album, DAMN. and it's been all the talk lately. Everyone's listening to it. Even Don Cheadle. The Oscar-nominated actor goes head-to-head with Kendrick in the new music video for "DNA." and things get a little ruthless.

    Don Cheadle interrogates Kendrick in a holding room, who is handcuffed and hooked up to a lie detector machine. But when Cheadle turns the machine on, some sort of weird inception, mind-melding life force turns Cheadle into Kendrick. It gets pretty intense when Cheadle starts rapping Kendrick's lines back to his stone cold face. The two battle, bar for bar, while mimicking each other's moves. It's in a way so mesmerizing that it could've been the whole video and we all would've been satisfied. But eventually Cheadle succumbs and lets Kendrick go.

    The video's second chapter finds Kendrick and his crew on the streets, rolling dice as a car full of women are joyriding next to them. Kendrick finishes the song spitting his lines ambitiously as the camera cuts to scenes of him laying in a casket, in a dark room, and fighting with the paparazzi. We get to hear a different outro to the song, different than what's on the album's recorded version, and Schoolboy Q struts up to the camera before knocking it out.

    As "DNA." might be the last music video we get from DAMN., we can only hope for Kendrick Lamar to make an exception with this album.

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