iLoveMakonnen Gets Based And You Can Too
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    iLoveMakonnen debuted his new collaborative track, "Can't Let It Go," with cloud rap pioneer Lil B, the Based God, and the duo took to laying down the law about imposters trying to rip off their swag. Based God claims to have heard his swag on the radio, hence why he can't let go of the haters and anyone trying to leech off of the enigmatic momentum behind the movement towards music that's truly based.

    Lil B has been an innovator in his own right and has constantly cranked out self-produced music and self-directed music videos, and even created a dance craze which he dubbed cooking that poseurs have taken to bastardizing in their own stage presence. "You feel me, cooking five star, ten course meals, it's always good to eat healthy man, make sure your diet's correct," he stated in his tutorial on how to cook.

    His message goes out to those who try to supplement that steady diet with anything other than that which is based, because according to the song he sees other artists cooking during their live performances.

    Soon, the two artists will be co-headlining on tour, to "take the swag back," and create a based movement to get those within the scene to start "leaving the hate at the door."

    "Can't Let it Go" is a clean-cut studio track that has instrumental qualities that definitely capture more of iLoveMakonnen's musical style, but Based God's three-minute verse adds a lot of his flow to the track. iLoveMakonnen's chorus repeats many times with a heavy-hitting message that captures the struggle of the duo, while Lil B's non-stop flow paints a picture of what motivates the group to keep setting the record straight.

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