Empire of the Sun Rule the Roost on Ellen
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Australian synth rockers Empire of the Sun jammed out on Ellen to an eight-year-old track that took over the charts again after being used in a Honda commercial. In their performance, the faces behind the massive hit came to light on national airwaves, and showcased the group's visual side to the fullest. With eerie optical illusions, ornate costumes, and a dazzling stage setup, the group is nothing short of theatrical in their performances, holding true to the wild and insanely ornate set-ups that dream poppers have taken to so they appear as mythical characters. They're an act that is meant to be seen creating a visual attraction in a live performance.

    "Walking on a Dream" is that track tons of people have heard likely dozens of times before, but for astounding reasons remained at an incredible distance from the collective consciousness of pop music. It's incredible how long the song remained pretty dormant outside of the group's home country before garnering such an explosive following. It's clear that the commercials that chose to grab onto this song couldn't deny just how catchy and timeless the spacey 80's jam truly was.

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