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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Torquil Campbell the boy-singer in Montreal's Stars is known for his affinity for dramatics, white roses and his love of drizzly Brit-pop. His side project (if you can call it that) of many years with his mate Chris Dumont is on its third record, but it's no less Torquil than it was on day one. Memphis is shimmery and quaint, with hints of the Stars lexicon bursting at the seams, even though techinically it predates the whole thing (Campbell and Dumont have been making music together since the late 90s, before Stars). But Torquil's own words top anything we could string together to describe it, that's for sure.

    "It's kind of stupid for two grown men to have a gang based around bicycles and pop music and weed and friendship, but we do, so f*ck it."

    Here Comes A City does sound a bit like two friends rummaging around in their own nostalgia, and although it might be a bit cathartic for Campbell, it's no less enjoyable. It's out now on Arts & Crafts for those who need a bit more pep in their step, but don't necessarily want something TOO saccharine. It's Memphis, rolling with just enough moody melancholy to keep that heart where it belongs (on your sleeve, no duh).

    Pick up the new record and check out Torquil in his other element, as the frontman of Stars, in our full concert shoot.

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    Stars at Le Poisson Rouge

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