what happened this weekend?
    • MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

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    Coachella kicked off the festival season, despite a minor disruption from a major act of God (or aliens, or the government, or Satan, depending on your choice of conspiracy theory). This weekend was explosive! A pile of dirt rolled in glitter played SNL. Neat! And an old record store institution encouraged fans to scour for rare physical material, or to simply wait until Monday when all that junk is floating around Bittorrent. Damn pirates!

    • A few Coachella artists had to cancel due to the Iceland volcano. Coachella was great (as I've jealously read about over and over), but a few European acts, including Frightened Rabbit and The Cribs, had to cancel due to grounded flights. [via Digital Music News]

    • Ke$ha played SNL. In the ever oscillating choices of SNL musical guests, this week Ke$ha vomited all over our ears. Next week I can breath easy with MGMT. For now, another Underground Records sketch!

    • Saturday, April 17th, was Record Store Day. The annual holiday of independent record stores (coinciding with Coachella for the second year in a row) featured tons of in-store performances and limited edition releases around the country. Hopefully you all got out there to support your local shops. I'm happy this still happens and a little bummed my prediction of an ironic Amazon MP3 "Record Store Day Firesale" didn't happen. Where is your sense of humor, music industry?

    This WHTW is dedicated to the memory of Ass-Dan. -joe

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