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    • MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

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    While Damon Albarn isn't busy with his other hobbies, he was/is the front-man of the iconic British rock band Blur. Those of you born before 1989 might remember them. They wrote this song. Exciting news: the original four recorded their first song together since 2003; it's called "Fool's Day", and it was available as a limited edition 7" on Record Store Day. Now the band's manager thought it prudent to follow current interweb trends, so he put it up as a free download on the bands website, for the low, low price of an email. Go get it.

    For those of us who are nostalgic for the early Albarn days of more rocking and less hip-hop guest spots, this is a real treat. Blur's first song in seven years does sound a bit more polished than their rougher work as a young band, but it retains the accented swill of Albarn's voice. Check it out on the band's website. -joe

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    Blur on Myspace

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