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    • MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

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    Brooklyn is home to plenty of trip-home computer stomping rock bands, but not all of them warrant more than a cautionary late-night spin at Barcade. The band formally known as IN has become no less obscure ("Keepaway" is almost equally as un-Googleable), but their EP Baby Style is a pretty sick collection of hook-snaps (a word I've invented to describe Keepaway). Their music banks on repetition and head-nods, specifically this track "Yellow Swans", which builds on a Dan Deacon-esque level to giddy beat-spastic glory. Add in a dual level live drum/synthesized drum aesthetic and you've got the band's MO: elusive emotions, and sticky tunes.

    Baby Style is out now. -joe

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    MP3:"Yellow Wings" - Baby Style EP
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