What Is Beyonce Up To
    • MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Are any of our readers old enough to remember the days when music videos would get premiered on like MTV and VH1 and BET and not blogs/webmagazines? No? Is that cause you have to be around thirty to remember a time when music TV stations actually played new music? Apparently, Beyonce is the only star on the planet left with the kind of pull to ensure that her music videos get the full network treatment. Ladies and gentlemen, it's not Beyonce; it's HBO.

    Jokes aside, Beyonce just shared a trailer for something called "Lemonade" which is having its world premiere through HBO on 4/23 at 9 PM. We don't actually know if this is a music video (although we have to assume it's that or a music video-esque short film), but we do know that having the premium cable network take a break from its regularly scheduled programming to devote time to your music is all the proof we need that Beyonce is truly Queen Bey and we are all her loyal subjects.

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