Grizzly Bear Come Out Of Their Cave For Bernie Sanders in Prospect Park
    • MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Has it really been four years since Shields came out? Our sleeper pick for the band's best record (Veckatimest may have "Two Weeks" but front to back, Shields doesn't have a weak moment), Shields has been holding over Grizzly Bear fans for essentially half a decade at this point. We're not saying that Grizzly Bear absolutely has to get back in the studio (cause maybe they just don't have any new material at this point and if that's the case we don't want them to rush) but we absolutely won't complain if we hear whispers of a new record at some point this year. Come on, Ed Droste; you know this in your heart to be true.

    Our kvetching about a dearth of new Grizzly Bear material aside, the fabled art rockers played together for the first time in years this weekend here in NYC's Prospect Park at a rally for Democratic presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders. New York's primary is tomorrow, 4/19, and although it's fairly likely that Hillary Clinton will win the state (and essentially end any chance Sanders may have remotely had of securing the nomination), the resurgent left wing of the Democratic party is here to stay, and we got to see Grizzly Bear play some classic tunes in the bargain.

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