Download: Pixies at Coachella 2004
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    Bummed out by the fact that it's a weekday and that Coachella isn't going on? Us too. Fortunately for all of us, grunge rock pioneers Pixies have supplied us with something to get us over the hump-week between Coachellas. Download the band's performance from Coachella in 2004, during one of their first (of many) reunion shows, and see why the Pixies were different than any of the other numerous reunions peppered throughout the aughts.

    On the four song EP, they play together like they hadn't spent anywhere near eleven years apart. The sound quality of the Coachella performance is great, including the noise of billions upon billions (just an estimate) of Pixies fans. Frank Black shreds his vocal chords on Doolittle great, "Monkey Gone To Heaven" and "Caribou" just like in the 80s. No word yet, though, if the 2004 Pixies plan to make a holographic appearance at Coachella this weekend. Download the EP for free below.

    Pixies at Coachella 2004 EP
    1. U-Mass
    2. Monkey Gone to Heaven
    3. Hey
    4. Caribou

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