new single: lady gaga
    • MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    The second single from Lady Gaga's upcoming sophomore album, Born This Way, fell from Mother Monster's spaceship over the weekend and into our interwebs. This newest track, "Judas", is definitely an interesting one. For one, it's not a Madonna cover. While there are distinctly classic Gaga moments containing the building blocks of 80s dance tracks, "Judas" also inflicts an infectious thump and bizarre melody throughout the song that gives it an explicit edge, making it kind of hard to hate it.

    Once again, a single from Born This Way underwhelms in comparison to previous singles that blew her to success, such as "Pokerface" or "Bad Romance", but without a doubt "Judas" soars above "Born This Way" in terms of her intriguing oddities. Unfortunately, she insists on continuing her weakly offensive bridges of spoken word, this time droning on about some "hooker, prostitute, wench". Still, the track delivers thanks to the hammering beat of obtrusive exhileration. If "Fierce" were a word that I said, I would call this track "Fierce".

    Listen below to check out Lady Gaga's newest single "Judas" off of Born This Way, out on May 23rd over at Youtube.

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