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    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2007

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    • On 1991's Achtung Baby, Bono and The Edge shared vocal duties on a song called "The Fly." Now, in 2007, they'll share songwriting duties to pen theatrical ditties about eating flies... or at least about the animals who (normally) eat them. Word on the street is that the two U2 members have been elisted to work on a musical adaptation of Spider-Man. The show will be directed by Julie Taymor - the Tony-winning force behind The Lion King - and all music/lyrics will be composed by the aforementioned Dublin duo. Rehearsals begin in July, just two months after Spider-Man 3 hits theaters. Cool... right?

    • Give in to your guilty pleasures and check out the new Kelly Clarkson song, "Never Again," on her MySpace page. "I hope when you're in bed with her, you think of me," is perhaps the most provocative line we've heard from an Idol star yet.

    • Rufus Wainwright has been steadily releasing bits 'n' pieces of his upcoming Release the Stars, and Stereogum is now streaming a YouTube video of Wainwright's new single. "Going To A Town." It's understated and fairly minimalist... which means the album is going to be that much more impressive when Wainwright chooses to fully unleash those giant harmonies and orchestral strains.

    • While you're spending time at Stereogum, head to the main site and scroll down to the Ryan Adams posting. Our lovable hipster hillbilly recently went on The Henry Rollins show to preview some new material, and Stereogum points us to the streaming video at IFC. It sounds great! And kudos to Adams for picking Neal Casal as his lead guitarist.

    • This may not be the proper forum for mourning and remembrance, but Baeble would like to show our support for all those affected by this week's events at Virginia Tech. It's a beautiful school with solid programs and an intensely loyal student population. No one should have to go through such trouble, and we'll be having Virginia on our minds (and in our thoughts) for quite some time.

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