COMING SOON: A Soft Bash of Punk Rock with Beach Slang
    • MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Few bands today can make you feel wild and alive the way Beach Slang can. Since 2013, the Philadelphian band has won over an incredibly passionate fan base thanks to their massively fun live performances, their roaring and explosive brand of punk rock, and the genuine gratefulness they always show for the endless support. You go on the band's Facebook, and you see countless posts, personally written by frontman James Alex, thanking fans for a great show, listening to and loving the band's new album, or for simply being amazing people. This earnestness also comes across in Alex's lyrics, who sings about being a weird little outlier in an unrelenting world with the same everyman charm and poetic skill as one of rock's greatest lyricists, Paul Westerberg. If you've ever felt lost, left out of the pack, or were once an aimless teenager anxious about the future (and let's face it, that was all of us at one point or another), then you're bound to immediately connect with Beach Slang's brand of uplifting, fuzzed-out rock. Alex and co. not only embrace being the weirdos and outcasts that never learned to get in line, but they find something to celebrate about it, taking pride in having nowhere to go. In doing so, they bring people together like few other bands have before and since, and it truly is something special to be apart of.

    With all that in mind, it's clear why we here at Baeble were absolutely stocked when James Alex dropped by for an intimate, unplugged session. Armed with an acoustic guitar and his signature bow tie/frilly shirt combo, Alex played his usually riotous songs with a quiet, gentle warmth soothing enough to rock a baby to sleep with, but still packed the stirring, emotional punch the band is known for. While feedback in distortion is always frickin' awesome, Alex's vocals really shine through in an acoustic setting, and also proves that, full band or solo act, Beach Slang's music holds up no matter the setting. Look out for this soft-rockin' session tomorrow, and in the meantime, you can find the band's tour dates here.

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