Daft Punk Shares Tracklist via Vine
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    I don't think I'm alone when I say that I approached the advent of the latest social media sharing phenomenon Vine with a certain level of apprehension, but recent events have inclined me to wholly support its truly remarkable uses. Like Twitter, Instagram, and every other social tool we've encountered over the past few years, my first taste of Vine was sour, and this was primarily due to a lack of understanding as well as a general disapproval of its earliest uses.

    In all honesty, the first time I encountered Vine was through a person I went to high school with who felt it necessary to share on Twitter-via-Vine their recent trip to the grocery store. I ignorantly wrote the app off as a waste of time. But over the past week, I've seen it used as a great live source of information. For example, this past weekend, I was given a live look inside a riot squad's storm of a block party at my alma mater, well over an hour before any news reports had surfaced. And on Monday, our first views of the devastating Boston Marathon bombings were shared almost instantly via this new news platform. Vine has already begun to change the way we report on and consume news information.

    Today, I was finally given a musically-centered reason to write about Vine as Daft Punk used it to cryptically share the track list of their wildly anticipated new album Random Access Memories (5/24). Many would say these dudes are far ahead of their time musically, and we're sure many will follow in their footsteps by using this futuristic news source as a marketing tool.

    Random Access Memories Tracklist:

    01. Give Life Back to Music
    02. The Game of Love
    03. Giorgio by Moroder
    04. Within
    05. Instant Crush
    06. Lose Yourself to Dance
    07. Touch
    08. Get Lucky
    09. Beyond
    10. Motherboard
    11. Fragments of Time
    12. Doin' It Right
    13. Contact

    We're excited to begin using Vine to grant you instant access to musicians as they swing through Baeble HQ for session shoots as well as a way to bring you along to the concerts and festivals we're always covering. Follow us on Twitter here to be a part of this social sharing revolution.

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