Watch: Jack White Interview and Album Stream
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2012

    • Posted by: Carianne Hixson

    Jack White's solo album is due out next week (4/23), and it seems like the anticipation is practically debilitating to White's fans. To tide us over, NPR's Bob Boilen interviewed the pallid powerhouse and the interaction between the two seemed effortless. Boilen expressed that the album sounded eerily similar to something that he'd heard before, but refreshingly new all at once. White took the comment as a compliment, telling him that he's heard similar comments from close friends who have said Blunderbuss has this familiar quality, almost like catching up with an old friend. As long as White doesn't hear that his album sounds like the reinvention of another album or genre, he's fine. He also hates the word, "collaboration."

    White talks about his first experiences as an orchestrator of sorts. He was never given the opportunity to delegate roles and dictate sound choices before and he worried that that he might come off as a bit egotistical (which is nice to hear from an artist). He also shed some light on the perks of working in a coed group. The competitive nature of a strictly male or female band fades when you mix it up. He even said as a producer, the diverse environment, "makes me do things I wouldn't normally do." It clearly seems to pay off.

    Of course, the question of why Jack White decided to put out his solo album on Columbia rather than his own label, Third Man, came up. White expressed his admiration for the oldest brand name in recording history. From the early days of his career, he had always wished to join forces with them and White no longer needed to make an impact as an indie musician. Working with Columbia offered him the "muscle" he needed to mass produce Blunderbuss. "You can tell that the boys who work there-- the girls who work there, love music." When a monster of a label like Columbia comes to you and asks to help promote your album, why would you turn it down? White didn't and he's undoubtedly reaping the benefits. Hopefully, Blunderbuss will meet everyone's expectations beyond its promotional success and not just be a blunder.

    Pre-order your copy of the album here, also stream the entire thing here.

    You can also check him out at Webster Hall on 4/27.

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