Wet 'Softens' in Heartfelt New Single
    • MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Brooklyn sophisti-pop band Wet came out this weekend with "Softens", the second single to be released in the past month teasing their upcoming, currently untitled album. "There's a Reason", which came out last month, is clean and upbeat, a sharp turn away from the wispy, ethereal vibe that we heard on their debut record Don't You.

    "Softens" features Kelly Zutrau's sun-soaked voice soaring above twanging guitar and synths. Zutrua was inspired to write the song after hearing the phrase, "where beauty softens grief" as an ad for a funeral home on the radio. "When I started writing I really wanted this song to be able to ‘soften' my own reality at that moment and I was hoping it could do that for people who would listen later. I wanted to create a world for a few minutes that would be a nice place to be," she says.

    The result is a fully realized, tender track that yawns, "where beauty softens grief / you go so long you're beneath the ground / lay me down" against a percussive backbeat and even violins. The song fades out in dreamy production and distilled synths, hitting a sweet spot between Galaxie 500 and Beach House that sounds utterly different from Don't You. And in this case, the change is good.

    Wet's album release date is still unknown, but you can catch them touring through North America all summer long starting in Philadelphia in May.

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