Chance the Rapper's 10 Best Social Media Moments in Honor of His Birthday
    • MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    It's Chance the Rapper's birthday today and in celebrating 25 years of good-ass music, activism, and a hilarious internet presence, we've decided to compile a list for your reading pleasure of his best virtual moments of the past 25 years. There's probably a lot more than this short compilation, so feel free to head over to his Twitter page if you're curious.

    Someone's tattooing the "igh" sound Chance makes when he raps? That seems...not quite right, but good to know he cleared up the spelling. At least he knows he has a dedicated fan base.

    Chance is a huge advocate for all kinds of activist and social justice movements, and this tweet seems to embody that side of him. It was retweeted a bunch of times, too, which just goes to show you that in 2018, Chance is hitting the nail on the head.

    Chance would make the perfect boyfriend, let's be real. Here's him making up a rap for his girlfriend. Boys, take note.

    When Coloring Book came out, Chance's spot in rap music stardom was solidified (along with snapback-wearing frat bros everywhere that knew maybe 3 songs off the album but wore the hat anyway).

    Here's Jordan Peele talking about Chance's reaction to his movie Get Out. Too funny, too real.

    Responding to SZA tweeting "what does your insecurity taste like?", Chance referenced your favorite childhood book series Harry Potter. It's a weird tweet to begin with and an even weirder answer. Thanks, Chance, for 25 years of weirdness.

    If you're a big, big fan you can even go to his birthday party! I don't think tickets are too cheap but hey, partying with celebs never is. Catch ‘em here.

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