Watch This Guy Totally Bug Out On a Coachella Bus
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Things got pretty weird at Coachella this past weekend as basic bitches and bros invaded the Cali desert. While their costumes were documented at length, the typical drug-related commentary that follows a large music festival was somewhat limited this year. That was until this video appeared on YouTube displaying what seems to be a young gentleman whose trip took a wrong-turn to fright fest while on the Coachella bus.

    According to the video's description:

    I sat next to a stranger on my way to Saturday at Coachella 2014.
    Things started out normal and then escalated quickly.

    I don't know the fellow you will see in the video any more than our short conversation before the incident. He seemed like a nice guy. And it escalated much further than you will see in this video. Culminating in a grand finale, where he jumped face first into the front windshield of the tour bus and knocked himself out. Cops woke him up and took him away.

    UPDATE: Unfortunately the video disappeared right along with the drugged gentleman's dignity.

    We know the feeling dude...

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