think fast:  win a pair of kicks courtesy of converse and jamie cullum
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 2010

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    Jamie Cullum recently tore the plastic film off his fourth album, The Pursuit, earlier last month, and with it, continued a gradual journey away from the contemporary jazz scene in which he was groomed at an early age. It seems every time the thirty year old, British singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist releases a new album, it marks an increased move towards something more contemporary. With a host of songs that fall on the more melodic, modern side of things, The Pursuit might be Cullum's boldest move to date. Still, there remains something classic, something standard about Cullum and his body of work.

    Sort of like there remains something classic and standard about a new pair of Chuck Taylors...segue alert! In celebration of the album, Baeble and are teaming up to give away a pair of the classic kicks. The lucky winner will even get to pick the style (high vs. low top) and the color they want to flash on their feet. Hot damn!

    In addition, the winner will also receive a personal copy of The Pursuit, perfect for listening to as you knock around your hood in your brand new Chucky T's. All we need is your email. We'll contact the winner on Tuesday, April 20th. Think fast!! - David Pitz


    Choices...So Many Choices

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