5 Festival Jam Bands To Snooze To
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    For those who could spare listening to three hours of guitar noodling over the same scale, here's a list of jam bands that'll provide a great opportunity to catch up on some real R.E.M sleep rather than half-dazing it in the sweltering heat to something that's all-too-forgettable.


    I really hope you like that one guitar riff Trey Anastasio plays at the beginning, because he plays it about 80 more times throughout the first jam. Also present is a gnarly, two-note guitar solo that some people might find captivating, with some actual psychedelic moments worth listening to that are few and far between. "Hey guys, what if we make the next two minutes of the song really quiet to build up suspense, but then stop jamming without building up to anything?"

    Widespread Panic

    The most memorable moment in this jam is about a half hour in, when the percussionist abandons the bongos and pulls out a mushroom-shaped thing with chimes on it. What is that, seriously? Combined with the fact that literally all of their songs are about hanging in the woods and, like, enjoying nature instead of society dude, and things get dull pretty quickly.

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Since the Allman Brothers band, Derek Trucks has gone on to form another jam project. Boy, does that weirdly chippy rock organ get annoying to listen to when it's been soloing for a solid three minutes straight. It's probably worth sticking around for a guitar solo or two but not much else is really too captivating about these jams, as all the instrument noodling sort of blends into a blurry, foggy experience.

    The String Cheese Incident

    I've never seen someone look so content and fulfilled while aimlessly shaking a maraca type of thing as the drummer does in the first full minute of this video. That is one incredibly relaxing intro to doze off to, not to mention the one echoey organ that seems to provide a lot of droning, quiet filler throughout the jam.

    The Spin Doctors

    These guys are still doing their weird jam thing continuously doing a weird yodel-rap-sometimes singing thing over the incredibly traditional and lackluster jam band sound. No one can tell what he's saying in half the songs, it's hard to tell if he can either.

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