The Freshly 'Painted' Sound of MS MR
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Synthpop/Dark Wave darlings MS MR are releasing their massively anticipated sophomore album this summer -- no exact date or title just yet -- but they've dropped the record's first single, "Painted," to hold us over until then. It's much more of a danceable, almost "house"-esque track than we've come to expect from the band, but it's still the anthemic and enormous pop sound that defines their best tracks. We had a chance to ask Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow of MS MR a couple questions about the new track and what we can expect from their new record. It's must read for any MS MR fans.

    There's very much a house music feel to "Painted." Can we expect more of that dance music style on the new record?

    MS MR: The music is generally more beat driven, and there are definitely more tracks on this record that will make you want to dance. "Painted" is probably the most influenced by house music, but throughout the record we've tried to incorporate dance music (which we define very loosely) in ways beyond a strictly house/electro space.

    After the huge success of Secondhand Rapture, what sort of expectations are you hoping to meet/challenge with "Painted?"

    MS MR: We've grown immensely as artists and writers, and as a producer and vocalist. We wanted our next album, and "Painted" especially, to showcase that development while maintaining our unique musical sensibility. "Painted" carries themes from the whole upcoming record it's still rooted in the drama and darkness of Secondhand Rapture, but we've begun to incorporate a new sense of perseverance, the light at the end of the tunnel. In "Painted," we also started experimenting with structure in ways we didn't on the first record we want to show that pop writing doesn't necessarily have to be confined to classic structure to feel exciting and satisfying.

    You just announced a suite of dates for spring before the new record comes out. Can fans expect to hear the new songs at these shows?

    MS MR: Absolutely! We played a handful of new songs at SXSW and it was so exciting to be able to share new music with the fans in that setting.

    Anything you want to say to your fans to help prep them for the new record which comes out this summer?

    MS MR: As always, expect the unexpected.


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