PREMIERE: Brian Dunne Is 'Long Long Gone'
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Brian Dunne may be quiet, but he's got a powerful voice. The NY native folk singer has been tearing up the U.S. folk scene, praised for his deep lyrics and country inspired vocals. Brian comes in the long line of confessional singers who are willing to bare their entire emotional spectrum to an audience without sounding self-centered. In fact, when Brian peels back the layers and tells you how he feels the message is simple, yet profound. Singing on the difficulties of life from romance to missing home, Brian takes a known concept but makes it sound beautiful. With his acoustic guitar, he is creating a soundscape that is honest and open, and musically relaxing.

    His song "Long Long Gone" is no exception and we here at Baeble are proud to premiere the live video for the tune. A live take, the song finds Brian and a backing musician playing acoustic guitars sensitively for a crowd. The song is slow and tender and with lines like, "well I tried to do it right, but it was wrong, wrong, wrong/when I held you in the night I could not hold you long/for the morning sun was breaking but my hands were shaken," you can tell Dunne is conflicted over having to break off the relationship. It is shockingly straightforward which can only be applauded. As Dunne jumps into a harmonica solo his fascination with Bob Dylan becomes apparent and you can see the influence the legend has had on him. Hopefully Brian will have a career just as long.

    Check out the video for "Long Long Gone" below and pick up the album here.

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