We Are Scientists Talk Dystopian Realities and Expensive Albums
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    "There is something to live for!" is not a declaration I expected to come up in my conversations with We Are Scientists' Chris Cain and Keith Murray. Still, experience has told me one should pretty much prepare for anything when sitting down with the side-splitting comedy team who also happen to power the heart of this indie rock institution. In this case, we have Mr. Murray, deflecting Mr. Cain's tongue-in-cheek assertions of the dystopian society in which we live in. "Don't succumb to the cannibal hordes just yet," adds Mr. Murray.

    We were considering it, and then we got to hang with these two when they brought We Are Scientists by Baeble HQ for a stripped down, acoustic session of three songs from their latest and greatest, TV en Fracais. Those cannibal hordes he's referring to have to do with the requirements the band has asked of their listeners with the album. "It requires a great eeeeemotional investment from the listener and it requires a tremendous innnnnntellectual investment from the listener. A lot of albums don't and I think a lot of listeners are not prepared to make that investment in this day and age of rapidly flipping through tracks." Such scorn...on paper. In our interview, which you really should dig in to, it's served with the most delightful side of scrumptious sarcasm. Cain doesn't really believe that their new album is of such a quality that it would have been "more at home in the golden age." Either way, Murray is there for you, dear listener. "I would say you're better than he thinks you are. I believe in you. Buy the album." We agree with the man. Buy the album. It is available HERE.

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