ACDC's Random Acts of Awesome Influence
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Rumors have spread quickly surrounding legendary Australian rock group AC/DC's apparent break-up. According to The Guardian, the group will be retiring due to rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young's illness. If this is the case, the group will, in fact call it long as they continue to respect their pact that no band members will be replaced should someone need to leave the band.

    Seeing how all of AC/DC's members have 59 years behind them — the youngest being Malcolm's younger brother Angus — we can't get too upset about their imminent retirement. We can and will, however, always remember them as musical icons and founding fathers of head-splitting hard rock.

    To honor Malcolm, Angus and co. we put together a short list of great things we'd never have without AC/DC's pop culture influence and music. Instead of rolling through a list of AC/DC's greatest songs — if that's what you want, tune to your local classic rock radio station anytime, any day — we've assembled a list of the strange junk that the Thunder From Down Under somehow spawned.

    Booze. AC/DC has their own beer in Germany and wine in the U.S.

    This maniac's fire-breathing bagpipes would just be bagpipes without the Thunder.

    This clown would have sun-screened his entire chest without them...

    Jim Breuer's epic AC/DC "Hokey Pokey" cover...

    This kid's name would be a hell of a lot less bad-ass...

    2CELLOS wouldn't have wowed us with their "Thunderstruck" cover, although we still wish they did "Bach In Blach" instead.

    Where would Miley be without this "Wrecking Ball" inspiration?

    We wouldn't have laughed way too hard at this nonsense...

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