t.g.i. mixtape 103: disco
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    [Ed. Note: We've enlisted the aid of Douglas Huffmyer, Baeble friend, for this Guest Mixtape. He chose disco as his theme.]

    Disco — it was the Pop Culture of the late 70s. The word alone activates memories from Saturday Night Fever to Studio 54. The music was about rhythm, often based on Latin dance beats, with lots of percussion from tambourines to kettle drums. Disco introduced the use of Velvet Ropes and Doormen to night life. But in the end, Disco was all about the experience. It was about theatre and fantasy - lighting, props, and scenery. From the Man-in-the-Moon descending over the dance floor at Studio 54 to the iconic Disco Ball hanging in the gym at your prom, it was about love, joy, escape and feeling free. So let the fantasy begin . . . . -Douglas Huffmyer

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    1. "MacArthur Park" - Donna Summer

    Who better to start your Disco fantasy than Donna Summer . . . .I would gulp my cocktail and run to the dance floor.

    2. "Ain't Nothin' Gonna Keep Me From You, Babe!" - Teri DeSario

    Teri DeSario (vocals) started out as a musician specializing in Renaissance music. One night Barry Gibb wasled into a Folk Club where she was performing and loved her voice. He wrote "Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You" and it became her first single!

    3. "Come To Me" - France Joli (With Donna Summer)

    Imagine having a #1 record at the age of 15. France Joli performs with Donna Summer. He rose to fame after being a last minute replacement for Donna Summer at a event at Fire Island Pines in the summer of 1979.

    4. "This Time Baby" - Jackie Moore

    Gotta love a synthesizer. Push a button and pick your dance beat ! And we all wanted to believe that the next guy was not going to be a jerk, like the last one . . .

    5. "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" - Sylvester

    SPIN SPIN SPIN — faster, faster — OMG is this song ever going to end . . . I'm getting nauseous. What can I say — it was the 70s !

    6. "In The Name Of Love" - Sharon Redd

    The fantasy returns — it was all possible in the name of love. And Sharon Redd should know — after all, she was a Harlette with Bette Midler !!!

    7. "Maybe This Time" - Norma Lewis

    I always loved when songs started with a slow, fantasy segue, it was a chance to stop and catch my breath. Ive been out on the dance floor for over an hour !!

    8. "I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor

    The iconic Gloria Gaynor hit. It gave everyone strength to face the challenges of the day. Not easy on only a few hours of sleep.

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