stream: radiohead
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    The proposed intention of Record Store Day is to celebrate the unique culture surrounding international, independently owned record stores. Thom Yorke, however, elected to limit the release of Radiohead's 12' to only his native UK. That is, until June 14, when its finally sent to the US and Canada. Though he may be defeating its founding purpose, sometimes, you have to let Thom do Thom.

    Lucky for those of us stateside, Record Store Day's mortal enemy, technology, has provided us with the streams of what are said to be the final clippings of King Of Limbs. May we all thank the Guy Fawkes who is responsible for these Youtube rips of "Supercollider" and "The Butcher".

    And be sure to check back next week when we recap our Record Store Day discoveries!

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