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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 2008

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    Inspired by one of our favourite web destinations, we at Baeble are setting out upon a weekly trek of our very own. So while you’re busy climbing mountains and plunging head first into foreign cultures, we’ll be busy bursting through the incredible fuzz that is our inboxes, turning up new bits of beauty wherever it might be found. In this week’s inaugural edition, we stumble upon a band of musical drifters…their commitment to “meeting all of America” so engrained, their very namesake serves as a kind of ultimate ode day to day movement. Meet Denver’s Motel Motel.

    In the spirit of that jingle jangle that spawned somewhere near the heart of this here country, Motel Motel carve rusty alt rock accolades, bumpy, backroading ballads, and careful country crooners when they take to their instruments. Once a New York City band, these New School scholars penned their debut EP Old York for the city they once called home. But times change, people Motel Motel looked West. Now calling Rocky Mountain high home, Motel Motel are set to release their appropriately titled debut, New Denver. – David Pitz

    Motel Motel On Tour
    Apr 17 - The Red and The Black - Washington DC, Washington DC
    Apr 26 - The Annex - New York, New York
    Apr 29 - T.T The Bears Place - Boston, Massachusetts
    May 1 - The Space - Hamden, Connecticut

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    MP3: Motel Motel:: “Coffee”
    MP3: Motel Motel:: “Pedal Steel”
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