PREMIERE: The Lionheads Unleash A Potential Radio Smash
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    When I sat down to write up our U.S. premiere of "Everything Will Mean Something" from Norwegian synth-rockers The Lionheads, I was prepared to categorize it as another excellent track in the Passion Pit/Young the Giant mold. That's not a dismissal. There are few bands with as innate an understanding of how to both embrace and subvert synthpop genre trappings as Passion Pit.

    But as I listened to the song half a dozen more times despite having other things to get to this morning, I realized something. "Everything Will Mean Something" is enormous. Whether they realize it or not, the Lionheads have a potential radio smash on their hands with its arena-ready hooks and larger than life sound. If Passion Pit decided they wanted to embrace their inner Killers/Coldplay, you'd get the Lionheads, and I can't wait for this band to find their way on a stateside tour.

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