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    • THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 2011

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    The past week was abundant with big-named album releases, and this may have distracted your attention away from its music video yield. Fear not, indie music fanatics, we've compiled the week's finest samplings of visual stimulation. Our latest edition of the Roundup begins with Uncle Jesse cruising in a convertible for Low's "Try to Sleep" (Have Mercy!). We then take you to the SNL stage for the Foo Fighter's performance of their latest album, Wasting Light. Our favorite Aussie's, Cut Copy, provide a Scandinavian performance. Wild Beasts express their vocal brilliance in the gloom of an "Albatross" ballet, and the compilation is closed with the riotous trailer for the Beastie Boys' short film, "Fight For Your Right Revisited".

    Low- "Try to Sleep"

    In this delicately melancholy tune, Stamos (who is a passionate Low fan himself) takes a make believe drive through some lonely roads with one of his pin-up beauties. Though the video is drenched in classically romantic elements complete with head scarf and bowler cap, it doesn't let the fairy tale overwhelm, as Uncle Jesse leaves any "Have mercy" moments in the past. The dark undertones of the song, however, eventually catch up to the calm and peaceful delivery as the ending to the video brings about a chilling twist.

    Foo Fighters- "Walk"

    In addition to Dave Grohl's comedic assistance in SNL's sketches, the Foo Fighters performed two tracks of their recently released Wasting Light. Stated in our review of the album, "Wasting Light delivers a straight set of dominating guitars, charged vocals, and percussive beats that drive the album's relentless energy from start to finish." Ms. Fludder's description is justified in this performance of "Walk".

    Cut Copy- Sweden Performance

    Over in Sweden, television that features actual music still exists, as opposed to our treasures here in the US: shows about child-bearing teens and Ed Hardy wearing fist pumpers WHO AREN'T EVEN FROM JERSEY. Anyways. Klubbland is a Swedish television show that provides video footage of arists performing at actual live shows, and recently hosted the Australian group Cut Copy, whose many achievements include creating dance music that isn't annoying. The twenty minute clip shows some great 80s vibing performances by the band, including "Take Me Over", "Hearts on Fire", and "Lights and Music". There is also some footage of the band exploring the city and chatting, so really this video is worth it if just hear them speak in Australian accents.

    Wild Beasts- "Albatross"

    With only a month until the release of their third studio album, Smother, Wild Beasts have created a music video to accompany its first single, "Albatross". The haunting visual atmosphere coincides with Haden Thorpe and Tom Fleming's operatic vocals, and the final product is a multisensory experience of gloom.

    Watch the full video at

    Trailer - "Fight For Your Right Revisited"

    Along with their forthcoming album, Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2, the Beastie Boys have put together a short half hour film that documents versions of the group at different ages having a West Side Story-like face off, except with less finger snapping and more beer throwing. Naturally.

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