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    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 2010

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    G.E. Smith will be joining Roger Waters (pictured above) and Jon Carin this summer as they recreate The Wall in its entirety, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the iconic rock opera's release. According to the wires, The Wall will get the full band treatment with production values worthy of, well, Pink Floyd. The tour takes the band all over North America, starting in Toronto, and ending up in California, and although the fans who originally pumped their fists in rebellion against the meat machines now probably have kids and suit-and-tie jobs, those kids and their kids embrace Pink Floyd's timeless work just as their parents once did (speaking from experience).

    The Wall inspired a generation of rebellion, and remains one of the top five selling albums of all time here in North America. Waters penned the album for a very different era, sure, but the spirit of The Wall is as fresh and relevant as ever. The whole thing has only been performed 31 times in its years of existence, but Waters plans to double that number this year.

    G.E. Smith is an accomplished musician and guitarist, not to mention a friend of Baeble. Smith was the lead guitarist of Hall & Oates and the bandleader on SNL, making him a super overqualified fit for playing on The Wall tour. Smith (along with Jon Carin) dropped by the Guest Apartment to play on the Taylor Barton session, so make sure to check that out as well.

    The tour starts in September. Tickets are on sale now, get them through Tour Tracker. -joe puglisi

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