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    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 2010

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    As the album title would suggest, Dr. Dog has had a few fingers wagged in their direction in the past. But all is forgiven with admitting to the problem, (it is, after all, the first step to recovery). "I do believe/that there's no more tricks up my sleeve" cries Scott McMicken (on the very first track!). Funny, coming from a band that consistently has used the same trick over and over, somehow coaxing tons of fans onto the bandwagon over the past ten years, often to the chargin of "critics." But Shame is the album we've been waiting for patiently, while twiddling our thumbs and chewing straw, to finally board that wagon with a smile. Dr. Dog still sounds like Dr. Dog. They are still painting that neo-farmhouse jangle, somehow straddling the line between gratuitous freak-folk and 1960s nostalgia. But this time around, it feels real: vibrant, potent, and more engaging than ever before.

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    MP3:"Where'd All The Time Go" - Shame, Shame
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