Perseverance Pays Off for Global Phenomenon LP
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "My first major label deal really got me started on the songwriting thing. In 2006 I was signed by Island Def Jam and they basically kept pushing me to write with all these big songwriters," singer-songwriter LP told us when she stopped by the Baeble Studio a few weeks ago. It was when she got a cut on a Backstreet Boys song that she decided she could actually do the whole songwriting thing. And it's true - she is great at it. In this exclusive interview that we're dropping right here today, we go more into depth about each song LP played for us, which you can enjoy here. "Next thing I know my song was charting. 'Lost On You' was No. 1 for almost a year in Greece - and it spread very quickly to Italy and Poland and France and all of these other countries."

    As LP gears up to release a new record later this year, she also played a new song from it, "Girls Go Wild." It has an easy-breezy vibe as she sings about the west coast. "New York represents the struggle for me. Now I'm cool with it but for a while... When I moved out to LA I felt open and able to receive the muse a little better, for lack of better explanation," she admitted at the beginning of the interview. Makes sense, because she sings songs that sound open and carefree, just like LA. Check out the full interview now.

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