I Like Taylor Swift's Cover of 'September'!
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    For a recent Spotify Singles session, pop queen (former* pop queen? Cardi B did just double her streaming record) Taylor Swift recorded two special acoustic renditions at The Tracking Room Nashville. The first was a performance of her current single "Delicate" which I honestly found to be pretty bland, but the other was way more interesting - it was a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's classic song "September."

    Now, Swift is getting a lot of hate for this, with people claiming she disrespected the funk group. And anyone who keeps up with my posts on Baeble knows that I'll be the first to agree with any negative Swift-associated criticism. However, I will stand tall and proudly back Tay Tay up on this one. Why the hell would you do that, you ask? Well here you go.

    First of all, I love "September." Like, everyone knows that if I'm handed an iPod at a party, that's the song that's comin' on. So please understand that I have a deep appreciation for the tune. Secondly, yes it's different - and that's the point! If a cover is going to sound just like the original, I'd much rather listen to the original. Swift's ability to completely strip it back, turn it into a country song, and still have it sound good just further proves Earth, Wind & Fire wrote a damn good song. And that brings me to my last point - Taylor is returning to her roots! And I, personally, love her roots. No, not the grown out dirty blonde ones, I mean her twangy guitars and banjos. There's a ton of that in there, and in fact, just the other day I was listening to Fearless and reminiscing on the good days. I may have a few bones to pick with Taylor now, but I'll admit that songs like "Hey Stephen" and "White Horse" were my entire life at one point.

    So there. Country Taylor can stay, and next up I want to see her do a rendition of "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates. That's my second go-to party song.

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