13 Creepy Music Videos for Friday the 13th
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2018

    • Posted by: Emma Dugas

    It's Friday the 13th, but maybe you don't feel in the creepiest of moods. We totally get that, it's hard to feel like everyday is Halloween when it's bright, sunny, and springy outside. To help you get in the witchy mood, we created a list counting down the top 13 most disturbing music videos.

    13. Olivia O'Brien - "RIP"

    This music video looks seemingly normal with flashes of party and recording studio scenes; however, it opens up with O'Brien digging in a graveyard. It then shows her destroying a funeral of an ex partner. It definitely alludes to the idea that a murder took place at the hands of O'Brien, but the fact that it's not outwardly said adds to the creep factor. All in all, don't break this singer's heart, you don't know where you'll end up.

    12. Diet Cig - "Maid of the Mist"

    This is a fun song, with an occult music video. The video has Alex Luciano holding a seance and a seemingly normal high school party featuring spin the bottle. Luciano spins on a boy and takes him into another room, a green light flashes and he is never to be seen or heard from again. She then comes back to the circle and gives the camera a cute wink at the end. Luciano is one mischievous witch.

    11. Jeff Rosenstock - "Nausea"

    A song about the anxiety we all feel while growing up, which is scary enough to think about already. Rosenstock describes the panic of not knowing the future and the pit of nausea that starts spinning inside your stomach. In this music video, things get a little gruesome. Rosenstock is playing a show where he pukes confetti into the crowd. Once the slow downed bridge hits, the crowd attacks him, cuts open his stomach, and eats the surprise tacos inside while he's awake for the whole thing!

    10. Superorganism - "Night Time"

    This creepy video comes to us in typical Superorganism fashion. The whole video looks very trippy with the colors, the glitchy images, and the play with reality inside the video. It has a strong alien theme going throughout the video as singer, Orono Noguchi rides her bike into outer space in a nod to E.T. It ends with the classic question: was it all a dream?

    9. Poppy - "Bleach Blonde Baby"

    This song pokes fun at the hashtag, #iwokeuplikethis. Poppy herself is notorious for being creepy, so she had to find herself on this list. This video has people in white morphsuits thrashing around her, people praising her as she stands in front of a stained glass triangle, and electronic monsters. However even with all the weirdness going on I can't help but crack a smile when she says, "Not everyone was born this perfect / It's just my burden to bear." Shortly after she says that, it cuts to her cult holding up fuzzy letters saying "Everybody Dies."

    8. Front Bottoms - "Tie Dye Dragon"

    The Front Bottoms have been diving into weirder videos lately, which has been pretty fun to watch. In this video, the colors are muted and Brian Sella's head is on a platter being prepared to be eaten. Mysterious hands run their fingers around Sella, often pulling food from the depths of his throat. When we do see the face behind the hands it's a woman who's wearing a creepy white mask. We all always knew Sella was a snack, but maybe not quite to such a literal level.

    7. Goody Grace - "Two Shots"

    Goody Grace's video for his song "Two Shots" has major Twin Peaks vibes. With the black and white tile floors and the red walls, Goody Grace is haunted by exes in this song as well as masked figures. Spoiler Alert: The video ends with him surrounded by creepy figures surrounding him. It leaves you on the edge of your seat ready to know what happens next.

    6. PUP - "If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will"

    This video shows the punk band's violent fantasies. In this music video, they practically kill each other. There's a fire, a car crash, a stabbing, and a strangling all within the first minute of the video. The band is then transported to a violent hospital, blood and vomit are in almost every scene of the video. If this video were a horror movie, it would definitely be your favorite low budget gory zombie film.

    5. Fergie - "Love is Blind"

    "Love is Blind" has Annabelle vibes throughout, as it features a homicidal doll. The star of this feature targets the men in her life who let her down, all of whom soon meet their demise. However, in the end she finds uses for them in her life one as a umbrella stand, the other as a vase, and the third as a coat rack. Fergie's "Love is Blind" message did not make its way to this murderous gal.

    4. The Weeknd - "Call Out My Name"

    We open up on the Weeknd in an abandoned town at dusk. As soon as he sings, "call out my name", bats come flying out of his mouth, only then to freeze in the sky and then explode. He then makes his way into a weird wildlife scene with fire and animals. It's here we see a mysterious figure, who appears again at the end. The confusion images is what has us disturbed and on edge, in the best way.

    3. Tyga - "Dope'd Up"

    It's a full moon when Tyga and Kylie Jenner walk into what can only be described as a murder house. This video takes the creep factor up a few levels. Early on it shows a scary little girl and that's when you know shit is about to hit the fan. It all seems to be the end for the couple when they make their way to the basement only to be outnumbered by hungry cannibals. Watch up above to find out if they make it out alive.

    2. David Bowie - "Lazarus"

    Bowie's "Lazarus" is stripped down from the usual theatrics, which I think adds to the creep factor. It's unsettling to see him in a hospital bed with bandaged over his eyes and two black buttons. I think the most vexing part of the video though, is the weird figure under the bed, because it plays off of the childhood fear of the monster under your bed.

    1. Marilyn Manson - "Tattooed In Reverse"

    Of course he had to be number one on our list, and his new music video is perfect for all you horror fans out there. Featuring Lisa Marie Presley and Courtney Love, this video has some major scare factor themes throughout. They seem to be in a corrupt hospital with Love as a nurse. Meanwhile, Presley is being experimented on and practically held hostage by masked people. They have shots of old baby dolls and Manson multiple times giving the finger. This wild ride ends with Love and Presley grinding on top of Manson, until Presley is murdered by the doctors. Honestly, you've got to see this video to believe it.

    Now go off and get $13 tattoos and watch horror films. Today is the second best holiday of the year, after Halloween of course.

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