Father John Misty and Tim Heidecker Perform A Duet, Goes Exactly How You'd Expect
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    It seemed inevitable that modern-day hipster sad clown Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman, and deadpan comedian/musician/career weirdo Tim Heidecker would eventually share the stage with each other. Back in November, Heidecker released one of his many hilarious Trump-themed songs, "Trump's Pilot," as part of the "30 Days, 50 Songs" music project. Tillman apparently loved the song so much that he released his own version hours after the original dropped, playing it even more stone-faced than Heidecker to hilarious results. In fact, the song probably could've fit right into Father John's new album Pure Comedy, which is all about finding a laugh in how God-awful everything is right now. So when Tillman announced his Pure Comedy tour, who better to bring on as an opener for select dates than the like-minded, gleefully cynical Heidecker?

    Opening for FJM is one thing, but last night at their show in San Diego, Tillman joined Heidecker and his band onstage to take on Heidecker's parody of Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock," the self-deprecating ode to left-leaning snowflakes, "I Am A Cuck." With lyrics like "I am a shill for the Clinton campaign and left wing mainstream press / I'm a p***y who gets f***ed right up the a**," you know immediately that this was a duet Tillman and Heidecker were always meant to share. In a world filled with white guys who take themselves so goddamn seriously, it's nice to see two white guys make brutal fun of themselves, the likely majority of people in the audience, and hey, maybe even you too if you identify as a tree-hugging socialist libtard. If you take offense to Tillman and Heidecker's harsh words, just remember two very important things: 1. Subtext is a hell of a concept, and 2. It's okay to laugh at yourself once in a while, ya damn snowflake. Check out the hilarious duet right here.

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